The Myth Maze

There is a lost myth on every street corner and in every children's nursery rhyme. This blog seeks to explore some of these with you.

Midsummer Magic

The Myth Maze

Midsummer already, the longest day of the year  on 21st June  when daylight lasts well into the late evening and the air is languorous with hazy heat and the sweet smells of honeysuckle and  rose . The image most Britons  have  in their minds on this day is that of  the festivities at Stonehenge when the dawn lights the stone and the Druids perform their ancient rituals.summer-solstice-sunrise-at-the-stonehenge-e1466179913316A truly magical sight that we associate with the Druids but that predates them many centuries being centred in the Neolithic love of megastructures variously aligned with astral happenings, that include  Newgrange in Ireland and Maeshowe in the Orkneys.

Midsummer eve is a night of magic one of the two spirit nights, ysbrysdnos of Welsh tradition that include Halloween and Midsummer eve, these are the nights when supernatural powers are afoot and we can make contact with our ancestors. Midsummer is celebrated in many cultures; in northern…

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