The Myth Maze

There is a lost myth on every street corner and in every children's nursery rhyme. This blog seeks to explore some of these with you.


The Myth Maze

April has begun with the traditional fooling around that is April Fool’s day but why is April a good time to be foolish and play tricks on each other?

We have passed the Spring Equinox and now the days are lengthening, day is winning the battle over night and summer is winning the battle over winter, Persephone has returned from the underworld and  it is a time of resurrection and renewal as well as fertility and rebirth. April is also ‘the cruelest month’ as TS Eliot recalled, although the spring is bringing beauty in the form of flowers and sunshine it can also be harsh  in the form of April showers and strong winds that can batter those new leaves and tear the fragile blossoms from the delicate flowers. It is a time when we have to give up our cosy fires and warm fleeces and venture forth to take up new…

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