The Myth Maze

There is a lost myth on every street corner and in every children's nursery rhyme. This blog seeks to explore some of these with you.



As the year enters the second week of the second month it seems that life is returning to the barren earth and our thoughts inevitably turn to birth, renewal and love. If you were asked to name the most famous lovers of history or literature, most of you would answer Romeo and Juliet . Shakespeare’s tragic lovers have inspired films, books, musicals and plays for generations, but where did Shakespeare’s […]

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Pomp and Pantomime

On the 29th September a new lord Mayor of London will be elected by the Aldermen of the city and take office amidst  all the traditional  pomp and ceremony that London is so renowned for.  The Lord Mayoral office is an ancient role dating back to the reign of Richard the Lionheart and his brother bad King John.  It was  King John who in 1215 shortly after agreeing to  The […]

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