The Myth Maze

There is a lost myth on every street corner and in every children's nursery rhyme. This blog seeks to explore some of these with you.



As the year enters the second week of the second month it seems that life is returning to the barren earth and our thoughts inevitably turn to birth, renewal and love. If you were asked to name the most famous lovers of history or literature, most of you would answer Romeo and Juliet . Shakespeare’s tragic lovers have inspired films, books, musicals and plays for generations, but where did Shakespeare’s […]

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Goodbye Persephone

  It is the time of the Autumn Equinox and our days and nights will be of equal length for a short period;  but very soon the night time hours will lengthen and days will be short as the time arrives for Persephone to descend the dark, dark steps into the underworld and join Hades for the long winter months. As she does so , her mother Demeter,  sorrows and […]

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Icon of Sorrow

On Monday 26th April 1937 the small Basque town of Guernica  was subjected to an unprecedented barrage of horror as German and Italian planes  blanket- bombed the city for three hours , reducing it to a burning fireball. Afterwards  innocent civilians were indiscriminately mowed down   by machine gun fire   as they tried to escape the carnage by fleeing into the hills. Shock waves rippled round the world as  […]

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